We are business leaders ourselves.

From the fields of energy management, IT, plant engineering, services, adult education and aerospace.

We have gained our experience in international corporations as well as in small and medium-sized companies, in non-profit organizations (NGOs) and in intergovernmental organizations (IGOs).
We are united by decades of teaching and testing work, parallel to practice. This allows us to use the experience we have gained in professional practice to help others succeed. This is how we came to the conclusion that there is no formula and no standard is an universal remedy.

It's about people and situational practical competence.

IFoBL is only possible through the cooperation of the members. We are neither a classic corporation nor a partnership. IFoBL is a cooperative (self-help, self-responsibility, self-administration).
The aim is to promote the members through joint business operations. Regardless of the number of shares, all members have one vote. Byfoundation, we are subject to a statutory audit obligation.
A cooperative cannot be sold or taken over. Cooperatives are intangible cultural heritage.


We work for the vision of a business world that is characterized by respectful and responsible interaction with each other and the environment. We work to ensure that your resources, energy and employees can be used as optimally and efficiently as possible.

IFoBL aims to be the most customer-centric training and certification provider where business leaders and organizations can find and use the content (knowledge, skills, abilities) and disciplines they really need.

Business leaders passionately use their knowledge, skills and abilities to meet customer needs without pressure and with joy because it makes sense. Companies achieve excellent results.


IFoBL offers managed certification services for companies, ensuring that business leaders learn and demonstrate in exams what they really need.


We are honest, passionate and eager to learn. We share this with the customer companies and offer standard-based principles and best practices for your success. We are hungry for knowledge of the application reality and accordingly develop exams, reports and assessments that are instructive, challenging and engaging for everyone. We are firmly convinced that targeted leadership training is the foundation for every management task. Our experience shows that teams of well-trained managers are happier, act more efficiently and are therefore more successful. This not only leads to a decisive competitive advantage, but also to higher employee motivation.


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