Training and Certification - the basis of success

Well-trained and therefore competent executives form the foundation of entrepreneurial success - ideally proven by independent assessments. There are a wide variety of training and further education programs and certifications.

Which to take?

Which certificate suits your company?
Is there any training for your topic?
Is there a suitable test for this?
Is all the content of the standard programs relevant to you?
How is this translated into reality and how are transfer errors avoided?
Are these staff development programs as appropriate and efficient as possible?

What sets us apart

Complete planning and cost security
No academic dictation of the content
Focus on key areas relevant to you
100% applicable

A tailored certification

We take care of training and certifying your employees according to your requirements.
Exclusively practical content according to your needs and specifications.
You can be certain: 100% benefit.
IFoBL develops the curriculum, conducts training and certification: everything coordinated from a single source.

Managed Training & Certification Services


The International Federation of Business Leaders, we are specialists for management training and certification - around the world.


It is our mission to deliver the most customer-centric training and certification - Managed Training & Certification Services.


We ensure this for our customers through tailor-made training and certification programs. We focus on project, process, product, line management and related disciplines such as change management and risk management.

Your certificate consists of recognized and tested learning modules at different performance levels based on the ISO standard of the respective discipline, e.g. ISO 9001, 14001, 21502, 27001, 31000 or 56002.
Comparatively short online exams per module ensure that long learning for a large, time-consuming exam long after the training is eliminated. This makes it easier to integrate training and certification into everyday work.
Efficiency increases.


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